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Terms & Conditions

As much as we love helping our customers get dressed up to have a great time, we do take our legal agreements very seriously!

We encourage our customers to download and read our terms & conditions of hire as well as read through our most frequently asked questions below.

If in doubt please contact us. We are more than happy to resolve any problems or confusion over the phone.

What are the hire costs?

How long is the hire period?

When do I return my costume?

Do I clean the garments myself?

What if I damaged my costume or it is exceptionally dirty?

Can I alter my costume to fit me better?


Our prices vary from $10 for basic item hire to $150 for our most elaborate costumes.

The majority of our costumes range from $45 to $100.

Please see our Price section for more information regarding General, Corporate and Show Rates
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Costumes can be picked up any day from Monday to Saturday, and must be returned within seven days of pick up. When costumes are needed for longer, an extended hire rate can be arranged.

Please note, late fees apply to all costumes returned outside their due date.

If your costume is already overdue, please Contact Us as soon as possible.

Remember: If being late can't be avoided, letting us know softens the blow!
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All returns must be done during The Wardrobe's opening hours.

This is to ensure that all of the hired items have made it back to us safely and there is no unexpected damage.

Security bonds need to be refunded to the hirer or destroyed by one of our staff.

Costumes returned after the negotiated return date will be subject to late fees.
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We are fastidious about the cleanliness of our costumes and wigs.

The Wardrobe takes full responsibility for all cleaning and maintenance of costumes, wigs and accessories after each hire.

Please do not attempt to clean items yourself.

Many of our garments require specialist cleaning and may be inadvertently damaged if subjected to the wrong laundering method.

If the costume you hired is exceptionally dirty on return and needs to be subjected to specialised cleaning, stain removal, repair or replacement additional costs will be charged.

Please refer to the next section Returning Exceptionally Dirty / Damaged Costumes for more information, or Contact Us to discuss your options.
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The Wardrobe expects our customers to go out and have an enjoyable time in our costumes, however, when specialised cleaning, stain removal, damage repair or total replacement is required, additional costs will be charged in relation to the severity of the damage.

The age and condition of the garment will be taken into consideration on pickup.

If you are concerned about the age of a costume or the condition of a costume please mention it to a staff member before you leave the shop, or Contact Us ASAP. Some of our pieces are precious vintage items and thus, a little more fragile.
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The Wardrobe does not alter costumes for size - we usually have more than enough choice for every size.

We are always happy to mend any repairs pointed out to us before the day of pick up.

In some cases, customers are able to temporarily alter costumes, but this must be done by hand only - NO MACHINES OR SCISSORS PLEASE!

All alterations must be undone before garments return to The Wardrobe.

However, some vintage items MUST NOT BE ALTERED in any way - if you are considering doing any alterations please check with Wardrobe staff at the time of hire.
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